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Commercial Quality Furniture VS Home Furniture

There’s so much to consider when choosing the right furniture that it can often seem overwhelming and confusing, particularly when trying to understand the difference between commercial quality furniture and home furniture.

But understanding this difference is important, and could save you thousands of dollars down the track. So, why should you invest in commercial quality furniture when home furniture seems just as good?

Commercial quality furniture is durable and safe

Unlike home office furniture, many of the commercial quality chairs at JasonL have been independently tested to meet AFRDI or BIFMA standards, which means our products meet high safety and performance standards and are suitable for long-term, commercial use. Home furniture, by contrast, has not been designed or tested for such conditions, instead being built for less frequent use in domestic settings. Consider how often your company’s office chairs are used compared to your office chair at home.

Standard desk

Warranty 1 year

Maximum load 40 kg


Stand-up desk

Warranty 10 year

Maximum load 80 kg

Commercial quality furniture comes with expertise

As a team of passionate and knowledgeable experts, we pride ourselves on understanding the latest safety standards, trends and essential considerations when it comes to commercial quality furniture. We can help you every step of the way; from choosing the right product to executing a custom fit-out. Not only does this take the pressure off you, it gives you the reassurance that you’re buying high-quality furniture that’s designed to suit your needs.

Ultimately, directly comparing commercial quality furniture to home furniture is like comparing apples to oranges, because they’re designed for completely different purposes and with different users in mind. Buying cheap furniture designed for occasional use at home and using it in a commercial environment will lead to problems down the track, and end up costing you more in the long run. Instead, let us work with you to find the right commercial quality furniture by browsing our website, or contact us to discuss how we can improve your space.

Standard chair

1 yr home use warranty

weight capacity 70kg


Raven chair

Warranty 3 years commercial

9+ hours a day

Weight capacity 120kg

Commercial quality furniture is purpose built

Commercial quality furniture is made using specific, industry-grade materials developed for commercial settings like cafes, offices and workplaces. Home furniture, on the other hand, has not been manufactured for use in high-trafficked and busy spaces, nor has it been crafted with the same, high-quality materials. This means it won’t last as long, and may even cause discomfort or injury if used incorrectly and for the wrong purpose.

Commercial quality furniture provides better value

Another key difference between these two types of furniture is cost. Whilst home furniture may seem cheaper, it’ll cost you more in the long run due to warranty differences and lower quality standards. JasonL covers all products with a commercial warranty between two and 10 years and has been designed to last. Moreover, many of our commercial products are adjustable so can be reused and shared between customers and/or staff, giving them longevity and durability. Home furniture typically doesn’t include generous warranties, will last a fraction of the time and will show wear and tear at a much faster rate.

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