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Standing Up Desks?

Standing Up Desks

While sitting too much is seriously bad for your health, standing for too long isn't too good either. To combat both these problems, JasonL has created height adjustable desks, both manual and electric, allowing the individual to alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day. For all those health conscious workaholics, current research describes the benefits of standing regularly throughout the day, and with the easy to use electronic system, you can incorporate this healthy practice into your work life whilst still maintaining maximum productivity. With a smooth up and down motion, the desks do not disrupt workflow. The benefits of these height adjustable workstations are endless, ranging from burning kilojoules and increasing blood flow to reducing pressure on the spine and legs as well as decreasing the risk of blood clots.

What is the correct desk height for standing?

There is no right or wrong. However, it is recommended that after placing your legs slightly apart with a straight back, your elbows should be relaxed and located by your side allowing your forearms to lie flat on the desk at a right angle to your body. For a good indication, the top of your monitors should be at eye level.

What are the benefits of workstations?

With The JasonL sit-stand workstations, you and your colleagues can find the right balance of sitting and standing throughout your day to make sure that you feel good and work well. Workstations initiate collaboration in an office whilst still maintain personal space through various partition options, suitable for any office layout.

Will a height adjustable desk really help my output and performance?

Yes. By alternating between sitting and standing, it increases blood flow and gives the body a chance to move. Moving consistently throughout the day has been proven to increase brain function, reduce tiredness and increase happiness for a more productive workspace.

Tell me more…

JasonL have tried and tested our quality office desks and have successfully tested 80kg of weight on each of the desks for you to use.

  • Your team's discomfort can be easily solved with JasonL's standing workstations.
  • Our standing manual or electrical height adjustable workstations provide an easy solution that allows the flexibility of position change.
  • Our range of standing workstations are designed to complement an ergonomic workspace and keep your lower back supported.