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Your office desk is one of the most important items in your home or office workspace, which makes investing in the right one important. Browse through our wide selection of modern, yet affordable office desk options.

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Customers Frequently Asked Questions

  • How tall should my desk be?

    The correct height for a computer desk is influenced by a few factors, including your height, the equipment you use, and your daily tasks. However, 71.12cm is the standard desk height that you should be using, especially if you're between 172.72 cm and 177.8cm tall.
  • How can I set up my home office desk?

    Position the desk where you can stare at something more interesting than a blank wall (even if you do love the color) when you glance up from the computer. A window's natural light is ideal, but if you're in a windowless space, hang a pretty picture above the desk, or position your chair to face the door.
  • What should I look for in a home office desk?

    A well-designed, home office desk should be strong and can resist daily use. No amount of coffee spills, books, bulky computers, or other office supplies should destroy a good desk. Look for desks that are designed to last.