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Get $50 Off All Orders Over $499 with Code October2020

Chair mats? Excellent!

Chair Mate AntiSlip Floor Protector All Surface Chair Mat

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    Chair Mats

    The days of rigid and unmovable hard office chairs are behind us. 4 legged chairs that offer little to no movement are mere stories now. Offices are now populated by swivel chairs that have smooth wheels for mobility and the ability to arch back as your body pleases.

    But what happens to the wooden floor which is forced to endure all this movement? JasonL has the answer to the question not many people think about. Our range of easy to recycle chair mats make for seamless motion, coupled with an Anti Slip surface guaranteeing your chair moves and the mat stays in the same place while still protecting the wood floors.

    The chair mats are produced from virgin polypropylene making them environmentally friendly and have been tested on numerous floor surfaces.

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