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Mobile Projector Screen on Tripod

$324 $9 per month rental In Stock.

Mobile Projector Stand on Wheels

$326 $10 per month rental In Stock.

EPSON EBX24 Projector

$1,837 $52 per month rental In Stock.

EBX03 Meeting Room Projector EPSON

$1,410 $40 per month rental In Stock.


Living in a digital age means we need to keep up with the times. The days of unnecessary printed presentations are rapidly coming to an end. When staff members or clients sit down to watch and take in what you have to say, you need a reliable medium to share your thoughts.

The JasonL projectors offer just that. With the ability to be installed in your boardrooms permanently or move from one place to another, these new age machines can show it all.

High quality lenses and features that offer crisp digital imagery and audio make the projectors a must have in any office space.

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