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Often when we hear the phrase "back to the drawing board", we imagine hours of rethinking an idea, content or solution for clients or ourselves. The dreaded "drawing board" has become synonymous with tiresome hours in the office and a lack of productivity.

At JasonL we think of the drawing board or more specifically the blackboard as a place you want to spend more time at. It's the home of great ideas and the next best business solution. With activity based working as the backbone of so many future-forward businesses, this is a great asset for training rooms, be it for internal staff or external clients.

The idea of a chalkboard opens the mind to a time in our lives where we had no limits on imagination, so why should we stop in the workplace? More and more training rooms and hush rooms are becoming the first touch point where teams may get together for collaborative ideation.

Choose from a number of different sizes or drawing boards for your office, invite clients over for more pooled meetings and rethink the way you do business by simply going back to the blackboard.

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