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Anti fatigue mat? Done!

Anti Fatigue Standing Mat

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Anti Fatigue Mat

It goes without saying that spending hours at the office can begin to take strain on the body. You're continually standing and moving from one spot to another, so why not do your feet a favour and ease the stress with an ergonomic office mat. Specifically designed to take care of you while you take care of business.

Given the variety of staff member heights, the ordinary desk just won't do any longer. With height adjustable desks from JasonL every person in the office is able to work in comfortable at a desk that can be customised to their ideal level. Standing desks are no longer a myth or thing of the future, but they are the now part of the daily grind. Avoid the unbearable pain of standing fatigue and equip your office with standing desks that work for you.

The personalised comfort doesn't end there. JasonL offers a range of soft foam mats which adapts to the shape and contours of your feet meaning you remain comfortable in an upright position. The ergonomic designs ensure efficiency of work through desired comfort and safety. Don't worry about the odd coffee spillage as this unique mat is designed to repel liquids and keep your mat clean.

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