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Workplace Design Fads May Do More Harm Than Good

Workplace Design Fads May Do More Harm Than Good

Press Release

JasonL’s Marc Levin takes us through several key reasons why he believes that new trends like hot desking and standing desks can be a failure for your office if not implemented correctly.

In this HR DailyCommunity post, Levin gives us all some handy tips on how to correctly design your office space to maximize workflow and productivity. Levin reminds us that the large majority of “office fads” or “new crazes” tend to come from corporations with extra dosh to spare and a budget to suit creative freedom.

Having come from a background of a fledgling start up to a continually booming business, however, Levin knows a thing or two about creating an office design that suits both your budget and your need to keep employees comfortable and productive.

Levin’s key points for creating an optimal office space include collaboration, organizational culture, fluidity, rest and relaxation, and atmosphere. Levin decries activity based working as actually have the opposite effect of their proposed intention and, in fact, lowers collaboration amongst team members.

Another myth debunked in this post is the structure around organizational culture including the new trend of hot desking. Levin explains that hot desking can actually lead to lowered productivity because making employees feel consistently unstable means that they are less likely to be able to work as efficiently.

Similarly, Levin warns us against attempting to fit more people into an office than necessary and having a breakout area for social bonding which, in fact, does lead to greater workplace collaboration.

Employees also respond best to an improved workplace culture which you can encourage through your office design by creating a peaceful and harmonious interior design.

You can read more tips at Smart Company (19/02/2015) or on Hr Daily (26/02/2015)



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