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Winners Inspire Winning Spaces

Winners Inspire Winning Spaces

Press Release

With Green Moon’s unexpected win at the Melbourne Cup, and Barack Obama’s re-election into parliament as American president for a second term, this week’s been full of life! And, quite simply, it’s got us thinking about winning…. Thinking about getting where we need to go. About direction. About understanding the lay of the land, and how to work it.

 So what? Well, these are the crucial principles that come to play when designing a winning office layout.

Understanding the terrain

Your work environment is your version of Flemington’s racecourse or the US political landscape: it’s your playing field. It’s the terrain of your projects, your challenges, your goals, and even your danger zones (like, the kitchen’s biscuit draw and that talkative HR lady who suckers you into hours of chatting). Winning at work is about successfully navigating your terrain.

Getting where you need to go

If you’re a client-facing account manager, being close to your customers, whenever they need you, is key. If you’re a post-production QC at a publishing house, you’ll need to easily pop into the printing room to suss out the latest spreads. If you’re a senior manager, chances are, you’ll need a peaceful and well-fitted boardroom to house effective meetings… a boardroom that’s far from the company coffee machine so that Sue’s Sunday BBQ goss isn’t part of the annual report meeting. We get it.

It’s called smart floor planning. Effective layout. Office design with winning in mind!

Jason L planning winning space

At Jason L, we understand that your workplace’s floor plan must facilitate ease of movement, proximity to appropriate resources, throughways that speedily get you where you need to be. Because your energy should be focused on doing a great job and not on changing buildings to reach the accounts department, or taking several flights of stairs to find daily-use files. 

Implementing optimum workflow is one aspect of our office expertise. Layout is the foundation of good design. And, because your office is your racecourse and your political landscape, we want you to win: so we offer a free layout consultation. Advice on creating a winning space! Check out more:

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