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Why some workplace designs are a success and others are an expensive waste of time

Why some workplace designs are a success and others are an expensive waste of time

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Businesses take a long time to see if some claim made at the design stage really does increase productivity, or collaboration, or concentration, or creativity. So what can your company do now to make sure a workspace design is sustainable and not just an expensive waste of time?

First and foremost you need to come up with a plan that fits the atmosphere of the office. Activity based workspaces is a fit out style many companies have transitioned their offices to and become one of the more popular designs. This might mean a mix of large shared spaces for collaborative work, smaller quiet areas for employees to focus on individual tasks and breakout areas for social interaction and more creative uses. However, some businesses such as law firms or financial firms where people in the office have daily meetings, an activity based workspace wouldn’t be the best option for the best work to get done.

The human body is not designed to sit all day especially when working on something. Doctors will tell you standing up increases your metabolism and productivity, so sit stand desks are a great alternative rather than your standard office desk. Sit stand desks need a bit of a transition period, but if employers can get their employees to buy in a sudden change in productivity, for the better, could potentially be in the near future.

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