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    Take a seat. It has a personality.

    Take a seat. It has a personality.

    Press Release

    Designing for a persona, designing with the greats 

    Top international designers will tell you many things about their inspiration, creative methods and why their prototypes succeed. But most comfortably acknowledge that they design for a persona. Excuse me. A what? 

    Design products with personalities to compliment their users 

    “Personas are fabricated models of a typical end user,” explains Jesse Snyder of Web Designer Ledger. Innovative architects understand what Googlers need from their Googleplex; great fashion designers pre-empt the desires of their trend-hungry fashionistas; and brilliant furniture designers combine artistry with function for real, busy people.

    The result is products with personalities that align with users’ needs. With you. And this is true of JasonL’s office furniture and our workplace solutions…

    JasonL is really designing for you 

    We think about how you spend your day and how your ultimate office chair will enhance that. We’re about design that improves your posture, aesthetics that delight you, function that feels like freedom. 

    Find your friend in our office chairs

    For the suited gentleman who works a 13-hour day, our leather executive chairs complement sleek office environments while supporting you through the big business decisions.

    For the trendy art director who works from home, our mesh chairs offer optimum ergonomics for hours in front of the computer. 

    For the environmentally conscious yogi who dedicates each movement to great posture, our green Raven chairs provide nifty swivel and tilt mechanisms. 

    For the events manager looking for inexpensive conference chairs, the dentist looking for snug waiting room chairs, and the town planner looking for drafting stools, we’re on it.

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