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Surviving End-Of-Year Office Chaos

Surviving End-Of-Year Office Chaos

Press Release

Festive Season - Stoopid 

It might be that annoying Christmas tree next to the printer (the one that sheds plastic needles on your pressos), the irritating tinsel tangled in your desk blinds, or the group cards with reindeers (I mean, it’s Australia, mate!) but the festive season is here. In spite of the kitsch office changes, silly season comes with delight too…

The trick is just knowing how to work it. Your way.

Festive Season - Superb

It might be those decadent end-year lunches (hopefully in Rushcutters Bay), the saucy Christmas party (where the blokey CFO ‘fesses up about his love of fishnets), or the homemade Christmas cakes that become part of office teas, but there’s a hearty helping of fun on offer. And who could forget the surprising (or not-so-surprising) end-year party snogs… the only time Sue from account management and Guy from the creative dept. see eye to eye. 

Keeping The Festive Season Balanced

Silly and splendid tis the season. Making it a time of cherished change and not one of disruption and boozy regret is the goal. Here are four survival tips:

1.    Organise time-off so you don’t have to throw a sickie to get personal stuff done.

2.    Don’t overcommit in the name of spirit. Donating to nine charities, preparing all ten department parties and hand-writing cards to all your clients can leave you spread a little too thin. Budget your resources, energy and leave time to enjoy the happiness too.

3.    Keep the partying for the dance floor and not the office floor. The reality is, festive office fun is still different to a wobbly night out with mates who DON’T sign your paycheque. Party some. Sure. But keep your shirt on and dress for a tomorrow of dignity.

4.    Meet Nancy from finance. Because you’ll be at work functions, not talking about the shop, embrace the opportunity; break from your normal crowd and interact with the interesting staff members who power your office. New friends for the New Year? Why not.

Jason L - Festive Season Success

So, why do we care about surviving workplace changes over end-year chaos? Because we’re office experts. That means we’re focused on understanding all of your office dynamics, glees and strains. That also means, we solve problems for you with office accessories to keep you organised and on top of your December calendar. We care; happy holidays – in and out of the office!

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