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Technology may be moving forward at an inalienable rate and you may feel sometimes like it’s swooping you by but that doesn’t mean your office can’t be stacked out with the best that there is. Slice Magazine features some of the best office supplies on the market and’s new Pluto Power fast charger is among those featured.

Slice Magazine offers us up a variety of products that include an easy-to-set-up conference camera, a free and simple recycling program for items like coffee capsules and cigarette butts, a cableless printer, a large visual email reminder, a pocket for storing digital devices, an organizational app, a traditional smartphone rechargeable device, a cloud security program, and a smart pen.

JasonL’s new multiple charging device receives the full round up in this feature and is a handy device to simplify where your power cords run on the office floor or desk. Furthermore, the charging device has been streamlined to work with a variety of different devices including Android, Apple, and Blackberry mobile devices and other USB-powered devices such as cameras, GPS units and MP3 players.

An even greater upside to this device, as Slice Magazine points out, is the charging devices ability to be customized to change colours meaning you can change it depending on the colour scheme or office décor.

The charger is just one of many new, exciting products on the JasonL range.

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