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Never Have a Meeting in a Coffee Shop Again

Press Release

This fortunate tax incentive left the Levin brothers, who together help run the start up office furniture retailer JasonL, with their business booming. JasonL was receiving more business during that month than they had ever received.

Jason Levin describes how customers previously had been shy to buy as they where waiting to see what benefits they would receive as a small business. However, the federal governments announcement changed that and customers were quick to jumping one another to the gun, with the tax incentive driving away prior concerns.

Changes in spending habits have also begun to predicate much of Jason L’s business and Levin describes how customers have been moving away from broader concept designs and instead looking at how to maximize workflow and space.

A contract manager for another online furniture company says that this is indicative of a growing trend away from tradition office spaces and towards open plan office spaces.

Will this be the future for office spaces?

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