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How to: Dress an Office on a Budget

How to: Dress an Office on a Budget

Press Release

Ever wanted the in-secrets or tricks of the trade that you’ve probably imagined every retailer is in on except for you? Or have you simply just wondered how to dress an entire office on a small budget. Well, in this article, JasonL’s furniture and office fit out guru Marc Levin will take us through some of his trade secrets for furnishing an office on a budget.

Levin’s tips begin with finding the right furniture: you just need to know what to look for. Levin explains how to find standalone, modular cabinetry because it’s always cheaper. He similarly provides us with tips like finding partition screens that have Velcro joiners because they are cheaper and are easily transportable.
Levin draws upon his experience working as a project manager to teach us how to rewire your office for less money and which is less labour intensive so it won’t take as long. Being, an environmentally-conscious business Levin recommends products that will allow you to both save money and go green.

Perhaps, you had not considered looking at renting or second-hand furniture but Marc Levin says that second-hand furniture can prove beneficial for smaller furniture items and renting is a good option for business-owners expecting greater returns down the track.

Another big business owner and fellow former start-up owner also proffers some basic tips for fitting out an office when you’re business is just in fledgling stages. He says that you need to buy in-bulk to get a discount, make sure that your employees are happy by getting comfortable office chairs (for greater productivity), ditch the desk phones and pay staff a monthly phone allowance instead, try technology before you buy it, don’t be scared to negotiate or get lots of quotes and decorate the walls with local art.

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