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Diary of the life of an Entrepreneur

Diary of the life of an Entrepreneur

Press Release

Marc Levin and his brother Jason have turned a startup office furniture business into a $5 million a year online retailer. “Our father said to both of us, please don’t get into office furniture,” laughs Levin. “He said, there’s a wide world out there, don’t get into office furniture!” Their father specifically advised them not to get into the industry and of course they did so anyway. There was just so much opportunity in the online side of the industry they decided to take a crack at it, and it has paid off in the long run. Well, not too long of a run yet considering they started in 2009.

This is a great article written on Marc, who leads the financial and operations side of the business, and how he has had such a quick turnaround in building a successful small business. As you will see, his life can get somewhat chaotic because they are still considered a small business and he is very much involved in the everyday life at the office. Just because he and his brother are business owners doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard in the office with their employees. That is quite the opposite as this article will explain Marc’s lifestyle a little bit and how he goes about his everyday life when working and outside of work.

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