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Design a killer workstation with the PLACE method

Design a killer workstation with the PLACE method

Press Release

Does your office space REALLY serve you?

The workstation objectives 

If you’re reshuffling your workspace for a powerhouse fourth quarter, starting

a new job, or tackling that overdue spring clean, you’ll want a office space that cultivates optimum performance. So what does that really mean?

An ideal workstation is ergonomically responsive to your physique and posture; it’s clean and organised; and it’s designed for sustainable practices like recycling and green storage. And, with planning, it can be yours… 

The cockpit method

If the objectives sound unnecessarily fancy, think of your workplace as your private cockpit: you want the essentials at your fingertips, a quick display of work in the pipeline, and easy ad-hoc processing of all input (everything from email, paper mail, and personal devices to live conversation).

To do this, group your office equipment in two groups

1.    Regular-use items like stationery, your tablet and reference materials

2.    Transitory and incomplete material, like your paper inbox

The PLACE method 

The nifty P-L-A-C-E system is a great way to organise these two groups, because it’ll remind you to:

Purge pointless items group Like with like, place objects according to your Access needs (the cockpit!) Contain loose items Evaluate how well your system works

The Jason L edge – for smooth flying

Because we’re leaders in premium workplace solutions, we’re on top of global trends in office environment design, while keeping it quirky -- and affordable and sustainable. Sound impressive? We are. Really.

Check out exciting examples of our recent fit-outs to see why…

[Image source: http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2011/02/how-to-ergonomically-optimise-your-workspace]

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