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Dear Diary, From Shane

Dear Diary, From Shane

Press Release

At Jason L, we like to walk a mile in our customers’ shoes. Actually. So here’s what we have to say to “Shane” about his business troubles…

Diary. Hey.

This is Shane.

I’ve never done this… you know, written a diary. It’s heaps soft. But Shirley (she’s my wife) suggested it. She knows everything. Like architecture and literature and whether it’s right for Shane Watson to be picked as a batsman. Anyway, I’m doing that thing that Shirley says: obfusgating. Or is it obfuscating.

Here’s my problem: I started a business 19 months ago. We do custom market research for production houses and ad agencies. We broke even at 11 months and demand picked up. We landed two bigger accounts shortly after.

To meet the growing demand, I hired more staff including this really sharp industrial psychologist that wears soft lace-up shoes and indie bracers. He’s indispensible. Not sure I’d bring him to the footie with the mates. Obfuscating.

Here’s the crux of it: We just moved to Alexandria. I rent a single-floor office with a separate meeting room to hold focus groups, present research to clients, pitch for new business, and eat pizza. It’s our workspace and our front face.

But it’s shabby. My desk is dad’s old one. Red wood. Straight out of Wall Street in the 70s. I may as well wear a Khaki suit, baggy pants, and jacket to my knees. Our cabinets are from op-shops, and we really need desk screens and decent chairs (because our spines will be as straight as Neil Patrick Harris). 

The staff started moaning in secret. They now openly joke about my penny pinching. Even my mates rag me. My mates! But I’m cash strapped. Yes, we’re winning more business but cash flow’s messed up.

So I have no idea where to find the capital to deck out our office. Laid down enough cash upfront.  

I’m no Stephen Hawkins, but if I don’t upgrade our office, my whole business will fall into a black hole. Really.


Goodbye from,



Hi Mate, I'm Jason, from Jason L Office Furniture. Sorry that you had to write a diary. Unnecessary low point.

We get your cash flow problems, the realities of running a business today, and your need for new office furniture. So we have a simple and fantastic solution for you and your staff: our office furniture rental solution!

The days of outlaying upfront capital to fit-out offices are over. With our flexi-commercial solution you’ll be sorted. Why?

1.      You don’t need access to capital and there’s close to no paperwork. Plus, no bank hassles. Really!

2.      You don’t need a deposit. Your business, like most, has enough pressure. We operate onfixed monthly payments over a term to suite your budget.

3.      You get to conserve your bucks for cash flow, business investment and other non-negotiable expenses.

4.      Renting your office furniture can be up to 100% tax deductible because your furniture is an operating expense for tax purposes. Even better, your actual costs are less than actual payments so you SAVE cash in the long term.

5.      At Jason L, we’re all about an easy approval process. Simply shop for the furniture you want, and answer some pre-qualify questions. Too easy.

In case you ask your diary, I’ll tell you what happens at the end of the rental term. You have three options: 1. You can upgrade your current furniture 2. You can make us an offer to buy your furniture 3. You can return your furniture to us.

We have an online pricing calculator that’s easy to use and will give a figure for monthly payments. Supply and delivery is included. The key benefits of our rental solution are perfect for you, Shane: cash flow and tax!

So, is our furniture any good you might ask? No. It’s great!

What now? Simply go to our Jason L website, select your furniture and click on the flexi-commercial icon to qualify. We’ll be in touch from there. You’ll fill out a rental form, sign and pay for the first month. Done. New office furniture! Funky and fresh.

We’re here to give you the best in affordable office solutions with great design – your industrial psychologist would approve.

Give us a call. Your diary doesn’t answer.



1300 527 665

PS: About your spine, that’s important. Our Ergonomics Officer will explain fixed monthly payments over a term to suit you

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