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Risk pays off for brothers at startup office furniture company JasonL

Risk pays off for brothers at startup office furniture company JasonL

Press Release

Risk Reward. I think everyone has heard a comment along those lines at some point in their life and that is exactly what the Levin Brothers did. Growing up around their father, a business owner himself and also in the office furniture industry, lead them to start a furniture company directed toward online sales. Jason, the younger of the two, saw a sense of emptiness in the online side of sales in office furniture and too that risk you always hear about. His older brother Mark took a risk himself as he had a steady corporate job and left in hopes to help his brother succeed and start a powerhouse of a business.

The two were obviously new to the entrepreneur lifestyle and made a lot of good and bad decisions when first starting. How do we go about marketing? How are we going to get any sales? Thoughts were constantly racing through their mind and at times they thought, what have we got ourselves into? That being said, they learned from their mistakes and continued with their successful ideas in guidance to an extremely fast growing small business.

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