What Does Your Office Desk Say About You?

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Your office desk is a very personal space. You’re the only one who uses it, so you make it your own. That means that your office desk says a lot about you, whether you’re aware of it or not. If you’re curious, today we will explore the most common types of office desks and what they mean. 

5 Types of Office Desks and What They Say About You

The Messy Desk

This is the kind of office desk that always looks cluttered. There’s a ton of papers, cables, stationaries, decorations, and all sorts of things occupying the workspace. 

People with messy office desks are usually extroverts. They need stimulation, so they surround themselves with stuff. The drawback is that they often lose things or have trouble finding what they need throughout the day.

The Tidy Desk

The tidy desk is the complete opposite of the cluttered desk. Everything has its place and there’s never any mess. The workspace is always orderly, books and files are perfectly stacked, stationery is organized, and it’s a functional space.

People with tidy office desks are often conscientious, disciplined, and very well-organized. They’re reliable, focused, and hard-working. They may not be super creative, but they get things done and are very structured. 

The Minimalist Desk

The minimalist desk is a clear sign of an introvert. This is the kind of desk that has the bare minimum and everything is organised. Introverts usually get overwhelmed when there’s too much stimulation, so you won’t find any clutter in their workspace. 

These people like to keep to themselves because they draw their energy from working on their own. They enjoy their personal space, so they can be a little close off but they’re also very productive and creative. 

The Technological Desk

We all know someone who can’t live without technology. The technological desk is full of devices, such as dual monitors, headphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and many different kinds of gadgets like wireless chargers, LED desk lamps, and more. As you can imagine, it can get a bit cluttered. 

People with this type of desk are likely creative, curious, and love trying new things. They’re also friendly and a bit impulsive. They do things at their own pace, think out of the box, and are inclined to innovate. 

The Customized Desk

This is the kind of desk that’s super personalised and you can see the owner of the space imprinted all over it. The personalised desk features the person’s favourite things and colours, so you can find family photos, favourite books, plants, and more. 

People who personalise their office desks tend to be extroverted, open, and friendly. They can also be very creative and open to opportunities. These people like to feel comfortable in their space, so they own it and make it their own.


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