The chairs in your office might be killing your business


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Did you know that the average office worker spends around 17,000 hours sitting in a chair every year?

If they’re sitting in the wrong chairs, it could be causing serious health problems. It could be impacting productivity, which directly affects the bottom line.

It sounds a little loopy, but imagine what could happen if your entire team is 10% more productive. How does that affect your revenue and profits?

Adding ergonomic office chairs to your workspace can drastically improve your staff’s posture, reduce back pain and ultimately improve productivity. 

In this article, we’ll detail the importance of ergonomic office chairs and how it may affect your bottom line, but first, let’s get down to the basics.

What is an ergonomic office chair?

An ergonomic chair is the type of chair that is mostly used in the office. It’s been created to provide the best possible support for your body, considering posture, comfort, support, and health.

People spend more than 13 years of their life at work, so it makes sense that there’s a need for them to be comfortable on the job.

An ergonomic office chair enhances productivity

A joint study done by the Upjohn Research Institute, the University of Texas, York University and Health and Work Outcomes, conducted a study to measure the effectiveness of ergonomic office spaces on productivity. 

The study divided over 300 employees into three test groups. One group acted as a control group and used their regular office furniture. Another group received a 90-minute training about office ergonomics. A third group got to sit in a highly adjustable chair, along with the 90-minute training.

The ergonomic chair had adjustable armrests, flexible back support, and a seat that slid forward when reclined. The study found that the employees who received both the ergonomic chair and the ergonomics training had a lower level of negative symptom growth throughout the day and a total increase in productivity of 17.7%!

Employees experience fewer health issues 

In 2016, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that musculoskeletal disorders (lower back pain, shoulder pain etc.) alone accounted for 1/3 of the total work time employers lost. The workers whose injuries were directly related to ergonomics issues ended up needing even more time off than the other “more serious” injuries. 

Comfort leads to lesser health-related problems, which ultimately results in higher productivity by the employees and results in less sick leave. If the employee is satisfied with the working environment and is able to work comfortably, it helps him/her to give their best to the company and contribute more to their units and have a greater impact on revenue.

The importance of your personal office chair can often be understated. You spend more time in that one single chair than anywhere else throughout your day, and if you plan on working long hard shifts, day by day, then a comfortable, solid office chair with ergonomic technology is vital to your health and performance.


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