Is Black the New White? Creating a Successful Work Environment in 21/22

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There’s an old saying: New financial year, new office! Well, that’s not exactly how it goes, but we live in the world of fitouts, furniture and ergonomics, and that sounds right to us. 

Last financial year occurred during an incredibly difficult time, and many business owners were forced to make tough decisions to survive.

With a new financial year comes new possibilities for growth, so we’re kicking off this new year with tips and products that will help you create a successful work environment, with design themes and product recommendations that will give your space the upgrade it’s been waiting for. 

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Part of the: Office Fitout Collection

What’s so important about office furniture, anyway?

It may seem like an afterthought or something that needs no consideration, but the right furniture, fitout and design can vastly improve an office space. It can also:

  • Create a desired atmosphere for employees, like relaxed, lighthearted, fun, welcoming, warm, innovative, cutting-edge and dynamic 
  • Impact how visitors view your business and understand your brand 
  • Promote your business and present it in a positive light
  • Encourage and facilitate productivity
  • Create the ideal environment for your style of work, from collaborative team work to individual focus


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Office gardens

You may have limitations, including your current office fitout, style, business type, functionality requirements and of course, budget. However, even with strict guidelines you can still make changes that will uplift and improve your space. 

While your budget may prohibit a major transformation, one easy element to change is colour.


Saturated vs unsaturated colours
Source: Architecture and Design


Choosing a consistent colour scheme will give your space a cohesive, clean feel, but there are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Choose colours that are easy to replicate in the future. Classic colours like black, white, grey or commonly used tones will be easy to match when you need to buy furniture in the future.
  • Consider using your logo and branding to inspire your interior, without going overboard. Instead of plastering your logo or colours all over the walls with reckless abandon, simply take your colour scheme and choose certain details to highlight with those tones in mind. 
  • Keep your company’s personality front of mind. If your brand exudes a fun, bright energy, decorating in a muted way may lead to a disconnect and confusion. Remember that your work environment will impact how your colleagues, guests and clients feel and work.

Top tip: be consistent! Choose a design and colour scheme and stick to it throughout your office. Conflicting and clashing styles are confusing and make a space feel messy and overwhelming. 

The Tambour Sliding Door Storage Cabinet is perfect for storing your important documents and accessories, available in multiple finishes including bold black. 

Is black the new white?

It’s been said that all rooms could benefit from a touch of black. 

Black, a timeless and professional shade, is becoming a popular choice for furniture and accessories. It catches the eye, contrasts well with white and other colours, and blends seamlessly into many places. Easy to clean and style, it’s unsurprising so many offices are using more black for their design and furniture choices. 

The Ez Hospitality Cairo - Indoor Chair is the perfect combination of modern style and practical comfort. 

Whether you’re making a bold statement or just want a colour that’s always in style, black is a strong choice. 

Top tip: pair black with gold, copper or white for a touch of decadence and sophistication. The Ez Hospitality Cairo - Indoor Armchair embraces this, with stunning, copper-tipped legs.  

Make a statement

We’ve established the importance of consistency, which means ensuring every part of your office or space is complementary. Reception is the face of your company, so invest in making a clear statement there, then consider the wider office. 

And don't forget about your breakout spaces and outdoor areas! We love: 

Hospitality Plus Sky Outdoor Chair

Ez Hospitality Net Outdoor Arm Chair


Ez Hospitality Nairobi Cafe Chair


Make it functional 

Furniture should be modern and aesthetically appealing, but functionality is non-negotiable. This means that those extravagant pieces that look fantastic but aren’t so comfortable...need to go.

When choosing functional furniture, consider:

  • Built-in support like headrests, arms and leg bars
  • Durability and strength
  • Commercial-grade materials 
  • Flexibility and customisation, including height and recline adjustments 
  • Comfort and support

The Ez Hospitality Cairo - Indoor Chair Black Base is ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and office kitchen and breakout spaces. 

We love products that combine practical use with style, and our Uniform Credenza + Planter Box is a big seller. It offers secure storage with a splash of colour and office greenery. 


Pay attention to the details

Details are the small things that can make a big difference. They’re the parts of your office design that will leave an impression of style, professionalism and cohesion. Small details to keep in mind include:

  • Matching handles with secondary colours schemes. This will also add a splash of colour and style to a basic piece.
  • Selecting alternate leg and top options: you don’t necessarily have to match table tops to bases, and often a mix of complementary colours can create an interesting contrast. 
  • Choosing the right bases: frames, leg and wood finishes should complement each other, so even if you’re mixing and matching, keep your overall theme and aesthetic in mind.

The Quadro A Legs Table has multiple top and base options, which gives you the flexibility to mix and match to suit your style. 

Ultimately, a successful work environment is made up of a team of cohesive, passionate staff. By making a few adjustments to your space, you can ensure your colleagues have everything need to succeed and thrive in the coming years. 



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