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Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for COVID-19 Info

With a constantly changing situation like the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter has become a useful resource for sharing information and keeping up to date with guidelines and restrictions. 

Instead of wading through the swamp of misinformation and confusion, following a few reliable accounts is a reassuring way to stay informed. Here are our top 20 accounts for reputable and useful COVID-19 advice.


1. CDC - @CDCgov 


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers daily updates on health and safety, with 3.8 million followers relying on its accessible information. 


2. World Health Organization (WHO) Western Pacific - @WHOWPRO


Regular and reliable updates for the Western Pacific region, including Asia and Oceania. 


3. Australian Government Department of Health - @healthgovau


Health updates directly from the Australian Government, with important resources and useful graphics. 


4. Australian state health departments - various


Guidelines, restrictions and updates relevant to each state, including:

  • NSW Health - @NSWHealth
  • ACT Health - @ACTHealth
  • SA Health - @SAHealth
  • VicHealth - @VicHealth
  • WA Health - @WAHealth
  • Department of Health, Tasmania - @TasmaniaHealth
  • Queensland Health - @qldhealthnews 

Northern Territory Department of Health does not appear to have a Twitter account.


5. - @ReachOut_AUS


Resources and tools for mental health support. 



In addition to following the right accounts, we recommend taking advantage of COVID-19 tab under Explore.

COVID-19 Explore
Source: Twitter


6. Wellcome - @wellcometrust


Scientific information on infectious diseases, mental health and more. 


7. Michael Kidd - @MichaelKidd5


Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Australian Government Department of Health.


8. Mary-Louise McLaws - @MarylouiseMcla1


UNSW professor of epidemiology and advisor to WHO.


9. Florian Krammer - @florian_krammer


Professor at the School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in the microbiology department. 


10. Dr Angela Rasmussen - @angie_rasmussen


Virologist who studies the host response to viral infections and how it causes disease.


Stay across advice from Australian health authorities, government agencies and reliable sources by viewing the Updates on COVID-19 in Australia thread. 



11. Caitlin Rivers, PhD - @cmyeaton


Infectious disease epidemiologist and faculty member at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. 


12. Krutika Kuppalli, MD - @krutikakuppalli


Writes about virology, emerging infections, pandemic preparation and health policy. 


13. Dr. Syra Madad - @syramadad


Public health and pathogen preparedness and response expert.


14. Dr. Nancy Messonnier - @DrNancyM_CDC


CDC vaccine expert.


15. Scott Becker - @scottjbecker


Public health professor and CEO of APHL.


16. Dr Zoe Hyde - @DrZoeHyde


Biostatistician and epidemiologist. 


17. Isaac Bogoch - @BogochIsaac


Scientist and infectious diseases physician. 


18. Trevor Bedford - @trvrb


Scientist who specialises in viruses and immunity. 


19. Helen Branswell - @HelenBranswell


Writer and reporter of infectious diseases.


20. Thoughts of a Dog - @dog_feelings


Important resource when you need some heart-warming comic relief.  


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