7 Office Fitout Tips That Create Collaborative Workspaces

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Collaboration is key for the contemporary workplace. Collaborative workspace ideas can open up your office, bring workers together and encourage productive technology-based work practices.

Here are seven collaborative workspace ideas to incorporate into your office fitout.

Flexible Workspaces

Consider an open-plan office with provision for private areas and individual workstations when needed. Clever use of smart partitions can section off key areas for quiet time, while leaving the space open for collaboration.

Smart Desks and Chairs

Allow for a mix of large tables and desks – which encourage collaboration – and a selection of smaller, adjustable desks and chairs which can be moved around as necessary. Standing desks and stools are great ergonomic options which look after the health of your staff.

Central Facilities

Some large organisations find it useful to place bathrooms and kitchens in the centre of the work floor. This creates anchor spaces which bring staff together and encourage the exchange of ideas. Google and Pixar have both successfully used anchor spaces in their enterprises to boost collaboration.

Central Stairs

Large businesses and corporations sometimes design their offices around a central stairwell to ensure employees come together as they move through the building. Placing communal areas on different levels also improves traffic flow and collaboration.

Lighting Up

It’s important to optimise lighting naturally, using large glass areas and floor-to-ceiling windows. Skylights are another proven way to increase exposure to natural light, helping to improve staff well-being and productivity.

Natural Enhancement

Biophilic design draws on nature to enhance workspaces in terms of plants and greenery, timber furniture, earthy colours and natural textures. This can improve worker well-being in appealing anchor points and work stations, stimulating collaboration and creativity.

Incorporate Technology

Check out the latest advances in technology before you begin your office fitout. Wireless options can be adapted for use throughout your organisation while conference rooms can feature wall and ceiling-mounted screens. Integrated video conferencing and electronic whiteboards are also great collaborative workspace ideas.

If you’d like to know more about incorporating collaborative workspaces into your office fitout to boost productivity, talk to us.


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