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The Benefits of Office Partitions and Screens

Picture taken from a recent Jasonl fitout

Office partitions and screens for any office environment goes beyond aesthetics and design when it comes to choosing the correct office product. Despite adding a trendy modern look to the overall design of any mundane looking open plan office, office partitions can save space or create more privacy, streamline your office layout and get staff working more productively. Although the modern office is all about open plan layouts to encourage collaboration and team-work, companies are slowly realising that this kind of configuration may not be as beneficial as it seemed and can actually impact employee productivity if the design and layout is not carefully considered. Not surprisingly open plan layouts create noise, disrupt employees and minimise privacy. Thus, incorporating office partitions and screens into an open plan office can offer an excellent solution for companies reconsidering their office design and believe it or not there are many other functional benefits office screens provide than you may of previously thought.  curvy_partition2

Jasonl Curved Wave Office Screen Partition is a premium freestanding office divider that is built with a powder coated steel frame.

Utilising Space, Reduce cost

Adding partitions and room dividers to the office space offers you the flexibility and convenience to transform any space without modifying existing building structures thus saving money. Simply adding dividers into existing areas can cleverly transform any office space giving you the option to alter and change fit-outs over time.Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.56.17 am

Jasonl Free Standing/ Floor Based Screens

Jasonl Free Standing Screen Divider/ Partitions offer the perfect solution to help utilise space in any office environment. Created with a male and female velcro system these screens can be attached together as your business grows allowing longer divided areas or restructuring your environment to suit your needs. Available in a choice of fabrics, colours and various sizes these free standing screens are easily transportable and stylish.

Privacy and Productivity

privacy Whether it’s a freestanding screen, mobile and portable screen or desk based screen, office dividers immediately create a secure and private environment for employees allowing them to feel comfortable and less distracted. In addition, creating a space for employees offers them autonomy, which makes them feel valued by the company. Creating these individual hubs by implementing these partitions gives employees the option to collaborate but still provides privacy when needed. Furthermore, creating these private areas can in fact boost productivity as dividers block out distractions and visual stimuli. Thus employees are encouraged to focus more on the task at hand void from external stimulations.

Reduce Noise

Often the case in most open plan offices is noise, especially in those new trendy renovated warehouse offices. Hard surfaces are not the best when it comes to retaining any noise as they do a poor job absorbing sounds. Thus brining in a carpet or an office partition made of material can help block and reduce noise whether it is occurring inside or outside the office environment.


Partition screens are a great way to section of different departments for medium to large sized business. This configuration not only reduces distractions between other employees but also allows new employees and visitors to easily locate and find people.

Added Storage

Office partitions and screens can have a dual purpose and can also be used as whiteboards, pinboards. storage units and display cabinets.

Jasonl Cubo storage unit can be used as an office partition unit and and a functional shelving unit (can be ordered in a range of different sizes).

Jasonl Cubo storage unit can be used as an office partition unit and and a functional office shelving unit (can be ordered in a range of different sizes).


Jasonl Double Genius Board is a room divider that provides the ultimate in functionality and aesthetics.

Visit Jasonl for more info Create a private environment within an open plan office layout without wasting time, money and effort, choose from a range of Free Standing Screen Dividers or the Portable Office Screen Walls which not only add privacy but improve employee efficiently by isolating the noise. Use these partition as a Pin board or a whiteboard to take notes, pin reminders and more with our multifunctional office partition solutions

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