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Why A Pet Friendly Office is Beneficial!

Several studies have revealed that pets in the workplace can help boost productivity amongst employees. And whilst we have seen companies go to some great lengths to increase productivity amongst its employees for example in-house coffee shops, lounging and pod areas just to name a few, is having a pet friendly office pushing it too far?  Pet friendly offices are becoming a huge trend around the world, particularly in America and more and more companies like Amazon, Dell, Nokia and Google are adopting a pet friendly policy. Companies are even allowing pets in the workplace as bid to attract Millennial’s as they will soon be the largest pet owning group and by 2020 will take up almost half of the workforce, according to Stifel Equity Research. We at Jasonl love having pets (especially Chino who is a frequent visitor) and understand how a dog in the office can have such an impact on employees and office morale. So here are a few reasons why allowing your fury friends into the office can have business enhancing benefits.

Enhance Employee Relationships

Let’s face it pets are a social catalyst in any situation and bringing a dog to work immediately leads to a conversation with the owner. Having a common interest can muster up a dialogue with employees that you might never of even spoken to before.

Reduce Stress Levels

Studies have revealed that employees that bring their dogs to work have lower stress levels than those who don’t. But besides the alleviated stress of not leaving their dog at home other non-pet owners benefit too. Having a pet around on a stressful day or walking past the meeting room breaks the tension and can put things into perspective.


Brain Breaks

Frequent breaks and more movement are proven benefits to avoid fatigue and back aches during work but let’s be honest while there are various apps out there to remind you to keep moving what better way than a puppy wagging it’s tail at you and encouraging you to get up. Having a break also helps increase productivity as these ‘brain breaks’ allows you to clear your head and come back with a fresh perspective.

Less Guilt 

Without the stress of worrying about your dog at home allowing employees to bring their pup to work may help encourage workers to stay late. In addition, dogs can help employees work quickly and harmoniously overtime as they allow you to think productively and creatively.

Encourage Exercise

Taking your dog out to their business encourages employees to get moving and creates a valid excuse to get some fresh air. Exercise is a great way to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as a proven source to boost creativity by 60%.


Connecting with Clients

Dogs not only help boost morale and overall mood within the office but also has a profound effect on clients coming to visit. Pets create an inviting welcome into the office and can help companies connect with their clients as it portrays the company as a friendly approachable environment.

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