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4 Benefits of having plants in your Office Space

Choosing the right plants for the office is not the most difficult business decision lets be honest, but there are definitely some considerations that cross the mind when deciding which plant to buy. Generally, thoughts about the kind of flower you like, the pot that will look the best on your desk and how often the plant requires water are all valid questions. But plants offer far more benefits besides their aesthetic appeal. Research have shown that plants can improve air quality, improve productivity by 15% and boost staff well- being by 47% (University of Exeter). 

Indoor vs Outdoor Plants

Whats the difference? Nothing but that some plants grow better in different environments whether it be outdoor in the garden or indoor in the office. We all learnt in biology about photosynthesis and the different elements such as rain, fresh air and sunshine for optimal plant growth. But there are some plants that come from subtropical climates that can survive indoors which make these ones ideal for office environments. Its important when choosing a plant for the office to keep in mind the environment it will inhabit which will have fluctuating temperatures, day light and night shade and the various seasonal changes throughout the year.

Benefits of having plants in your Office Space

Improves Office Air Quality

Interestingly, indoor air is far more polluted than outdoor air, which is quite important since workspaces tend to be particularly poor environments. However, new research has shown that the presence of plants in the office can increase the air quality inside. Recent experiments conducted by NASA discovered that placing a plant inside simulated space ships increased air quality. This is because indoor plants through the process of photosynthesis absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen helping us to breathe better air. The ideal ratio of 1 plant per 3 employees is recommended as they can reduce C02 by 50 percent as well as dust, bacteria and mould, which would generally be consumed by employees. Plants also add moisture to the air, which in winter can help reduce the spread of cold and flus as they help maintain healthy humidity levels.

Increased Employee Productivity

Contrary to the previous business philosophy that a lean office with clean desks is productive, new research has shown that plants can increase productivity by 15 percent. This is because plants are able to decrease excess carbon dioxide from the air, which therefore aids in higher levels of concentration. The presence of carbon dioxide indoors impacts employees causing drowsiness, headaches and concentration.


Studies have shown that indoor plants provide a natural cooling effect and can actually reduce the office temperature by 10%. Known as evapo-transpiration this process by plants transports water from the soil, into the plants leaves and are then released by water vapour into the atmosphere.

Choosing the right indoor plant

When choosing the right plant for the office environment consider the impact of air conditioning, periods when the office is empty and which plants will best endure indoor environments. JasonL offers a variety of planter boxes which are especially made for environmentally friendly workplaces for some added greenery into the office. This waterproof planter box is designed to be placed on top of JasonL tambour units


Storage with Planter Box

Plants recommended for indoor offices


Contrary to their reputation, orchards are in fact a great choice for the office environment. They are easy to take care of, require water less frequently, rid the air of xylene as well as give off oxygen at night

Peace Lily

These glossy-leafed plants also know as spathiphyllum, makes an ideal plant as they remove unwanted toxins, flourish in the shade and survive in low temperatures

Rubber Plant

Well known to remove air pollutants effectively

Spider Plants

One of the easiest plants to grow indoors


When all else fails, these small plants come in varies shapes and sizes but don’t be fooled by their ability to survive with little water. Cacti in fact need a significant amount of sunlight.


These small plants are ideal for desks plus their air filtering qualities make them ideal Check out our recent JasonL Office Furniture fitout in Sydney featuring different plants throughout the office

boody-office-fitout-reception-area-office-furniture-darlinghurst-nsw-2_1 office-fitout-lj-hooker-alexandria-nsw-open-plan-jasonl_1

Some other cheeky ways to include green into the office


Exercise Ball Chairs


Eames Replica Green Chair


Mobile Under Desk Pedestal - Green handles

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