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Top Chairs Suited for Height Adjustable Office Desks / Workstations / Tables

At JasonL we want to ensure our customers are getting the best possible products suited for their type of work environment. There are several different types of interiors our height adjustable desks fit well in. The challenge is selecting the correct style of chair per environment for your height adjustable desk. Whether it is an Industrial Warehouse, Home Office, Corporate Office, Workshop or Classroom the height adjustable desks are a great additions to any of the settings mentioned and require the correct matched chair!  

Height Adjustable Chairs for Sit Stand Desk / Workstation in a Corporate Office / Home Office Environment 

A home office, and regular or corporate style office have many similarities meaning the same style office chairs will fit well in both settings. These particular office styles will normally have carpet or hard wood, In cases where the floor finish is hardwood or tile we recommend glides on your sit stand chair so as to not slide all over the place (you can customised these chairs on our website to have glides) If you are looking for more mobility from your chair to work on multiple surfaces then we suggest selecting a JasonL all surface caster.

We have multiple sit stand chairs to suite all price points starting from $100 to $500. From our standard entry level Task Operator EM300 Office Chairs to our higher specified Sparrow, Hawk, or Kingfisher. We guarantee you, you will be supported and comfy for 9+ hours a day.

Recommended Height Adjustable Chairs for for Sit Stand Desk / Workstation in a Corporate Office / Home Office Environment 

Drafting Chairs for Height Adjustable Desks/ Workstations / Tables in a Warehouse / Workshop Environment

In regards to working in a warehouse or workshop environment we have a variety of Sit stand office chair options for you to select from. These types of chairs need to be harder wearing and able to take a hammering. Chairs are a fabulous choice for this type of work environment. All of our Sit Stand style office chairs have an efficient height adjustable system allowing you to sit comfortably at 800mm up to around 1100mm. In addition, they have a 360-degree footrest that will come in handy when sitting at the chairs highest point. Our Sit Stand Office Chairs provide you maximum comfort and allow you to scoot across the floor easily. The alternative to a Sit Stand Office Chair is a Polystool or Standard Drafting Stool. If you like a stagnant chair position when working in the warehouse this is your best option. The Polystool seat is finished in polyurethane, which makes it very easy to wipe clean. Round Padded Industrial Stools are also a great alternative to the Sit Stand Office Chairs. They too come with a 360-degree footrest allowing you to rest your feet comfortably at any position the chair might be in. Almost every chair and stool JasonL offers is customisable to suit the customer in terms of colour, fabric options, wheels or glides, high back or low back etc. so keep that in mind when selecting your favourite chair!

Recommended Drafting Chairs for Height Adjustable Desks/ Workstations / Tables in a Warehouse / Workshop Environment

  Also keep in mind these are just a handful of chairs we recommend for the height adjustable desks and specific work environment. There are numerous other options! If you are interested in our entire selection of products visit our website at or call 1300 527 665 to get a copy of our newly made catalog.

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  • Christine O'Shea on

    i am after a mesh backed drafting chair with no wheels

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