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The Quest For New Products & The Ever Elusive 'Original' Office Furniture Design

We have been travelling to China multiple times a year for the last 6 years. These trips are buying trips and to catch up with our suppliers through China. Every year we come back to Sydney excited about our trip and passionate to supply our customers with great designed and quality manufactured office products. This year was no different, and after spending 10 days in China we have returned, incredibly excited and spirited for the year ahead.This time every year is the Chinese International Furniture Fair (CIFF). Where the world leaders in mass value manufacturing, gather together to show off their goodies. On the flip side, are the world leaders in selling and distribution, who attend to try and find their perfect product. A perfect marriage in the office furniture industry. However the suppliers present are those businesses from East Asia. The brands show casing are not known worldwide. The brands typically missing are the likes of Herman Miller, Steelcase, Vitra, Wilkahn, HAG, Walter Noel etc. However these brands are definitely spoken about in the quiet corners, and in the corridors, in the manner that you may gossip about the cute girl or guy you have spotted. The words normally describing these world brands include reproduction, replica, inspired by, close copy to..... etc. China still has a stigma for being the copycat of the world. Talk to any Italian, Dane or Swedish designer about China original design and it is like talking in a foreign language. The phrase China design is a foreign phrase. However over the past 6 years we have absolutely seen a change in the office furniture industry in China. Not only are original designs and product emerging from the mass manufacturing kings of the world, but high tech machinery, innovative products and product patents are now widely discussed through the industry. Now when looking for quality manufactured product, we find ourselves discussing the innovation of the supplier and are considering strategic partners that have a progressive and creative core. This is a massive change in the office furniture industry, where there has been so much media about replica product. However it also calls into question the argument about original product design and recovering the IP and R&D in developing the product, which is one of the reasons original designed product, is supposed to be so expensive. With the change in original furniture design happening in China you would not be incorrect in assuming that the price of these products would be more expensive, and out of budget for the average business. This is actually not the case, which is so fascinating about this change. Original product are being produced with the end customer in mind, and so the cost to produce is so vital. This is completely different to the mindset of say the European designers. Who will design furniture with the most expensive material, sell it out the most expensive price, and then complain when a replica is made at half the price and equal quality. I am really excited to see this emergence of innovation and design developing out of China. This has and will continue to allow business to create beautiful office spaces at reasonable budgets. The design of furniture that has so often only been considered as part of the European conversation is definitely on the change. We at JasonL believe we have partnered with superb suppliers that are emerging as world leaders in office furniture design and innovation. We are ensuring that the right product at the right price can be used to create fantastic offices spaces. For our latest product offering please visit our website at www.jasonl.com.au

JasonL Team

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