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Top Tips for Hassle Free Office Furniture Delivery

You have finalised your budget, decided on what to order, you navigate through the website and click “Submit Order”. Now comes the waiting game, Every business from big to small will receive deliveries, be it mail with your bills or that boardroom table the executive team have been pushing for. It is always important to make sure that the delivery method will suit. There are several different variables with all deliveries and these may depend on some of the below. JasonL office furniture delivers Australia wide, including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

Location, location, location:

You can be located down a one-way street with “no stopping” signs all the way down the road, or have a basement the size of Yankee Stadium, either way you need to remember two things when it comes to location. Where is my order coming from and where is it going to? Most online businesses will commit to a 1-3 business days for deliveries between metro cities, but if you are located over 40km outside of this range then you may be subject to delays in the delivery process. Always look to ask where your order is being dispatched from, as this will allow you to judge your delivery timeframe and adjust your expectations by your location.

Access: How do I get in there?

What to do when you are that one-way street with “no stopping” signs all the way down the road, or you’re just not sure what details you need for that hassle free delivery? The first thing you should know is that if you place an order with a business, that business wants you to get your order. We are here to help! My first suggestion is to tick off these next steps:
  • Do you have a loading dock or loading zone for your office?
  • Is there lift access? And what size is the lift?
  • Are there any height restrictions for delivery vans?
  • Can delivery happen during business hours (9am-5pm)?
  • Do you need to book the delivery with your Building Manager or another representative?
My next suggestion, if you are unsure, is always to ask what details are required. I said it before and I’ll say it again, we are here to help! All online businesses will have either an email to contact or a phone number to call, so it’s time to use it and ask for the essentials. If you are still unsure then you may have a building manager (most CBD buildings will have one) you can contact. I can promise you that they will make sure you cover all the above options and possibly more, and when the time comes this will make for that hassle free delivery.

Size: Size does matter!

Unfortunately this is one of those cases where size does matter. You can remain in a state of zen if you have ordered a boxed office chair to your business, as this is a fairly easy-to-judge sized box. You may need to be a bit more stringent on those “access” questions though if you have ordered an office fit out for your 60 employees. A common ‘unexpected’ issue that our clients find themselves in, is the delivery of oversized boardroom tables. You are highly unlikely to receive a boardroom table pre-assembled, but rather with the boardroom table top and the leg system to arrive either flat packed (boxes) or packaged separately with a specialist courier. A boardroom table is often a product that, you the client, will have specific sizes in mind to suit your staff or the room size. An easy solution to those oversized boardroom tables is to opt for a 2-piece table. This is the idea of utilising two 1.2m table tops (with a tite-join), instead of a single 2.4m top. This can be the difference between an easy delivery straight up the lift, and a specialist courier being unable to fit your new Dark Oak table top through the front doors.

Bonus Tip!

To keep on top of your orders send the business a “calendar invite” for delivery. If a business commits to delivering your order by next Friday, then send them the “calendar invite” so not only are they held accountable, but you also have a little reminder of when that fancy new designer chair is being delivered. It is important to keep your expectations in check, and the best way to do this is to have all the information you need. So, if it is that single box headed to Mawson Lakes, Sth Australia or 40 office chairs headed to Sydney CBD, cover the above few suggestions and let’s make for a hassle free delivery.

JasonL Team

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