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The Office Chairs Best Mate - The Chairmate

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ChairMate Chair Mats

WHAT defines a quality fully featured Office Chair Mat?

A design which is not just a piece of flat sheet of plastic laying on the floor.
  • A chair mat should have a design which is attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • A chair mat must have an under surface which holds it in place on various floor surfaces.
  • chair mat must, above all else, be safe: It must have rounded corners. It must not allow for slipping, A very thin mat with or without studs will very quickly succumb to castor pressure.
  • Chair Mat thickness of 2.3 to 2.5 mm tends to be the optimum to ensure no danger of impacts.
  • The chair mat must not be made of low-impact material which allows it to crack after a short usage. All the above must be achieved at a cost effective price.

Finally, Many people think that a chair mat is for floor protection only. However, one of the most beneficial uses of a chair mat is to provide a suitable surface under ones office chair which allows free and effortless movement around a workstation; resulting in less fatigue and stress at the end of the day. For many years the CHAIRMATE floor protector has delivered all the above features and with our new product developments currently in the pipeline we have committed to continue to supply the same high performance product in the future.

The question of spiked studs under a CHAIRMATE chairmat: CHAIRMATE some time ago introduced an underside feature to its chair mat in place of the spiked studs. This was primarily for wooden and tiled floors. We call this under surface "ANTI SLIP" and it performs exceedingly well in making sure that the chairmat stays firmly in its correct position. This "ANTI SLIP" feature on a CHAIRMATE protector has been tested on low pile carpet surfaces for a long while and performed to the required standards. So much so that as a stockist it now becomes viable to offer a single solution to a client’s floor protection need: a translucent chairmat with a "ANTISLIP" underside for carpet, wood Laminate or tiled floor protection.

What is the best material for a chairmat?

Polypropylene (PP) vs. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) With the number of end users becoming much more aware of, informed and concerned about their personal and family well-being, as well as the environmental laws and concerns, companies wishing to sell chair mats need to understand the various raw materials used to manufacture chair mats and the impact these materials may have on their market and environment. Chair mats are manufactured primarily from either Polypropylene (PP) or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). In summary, there is clear evidence that Polypropylene (PP) is a safer, nontoxic and environmentally friendly alternative to the obsolescent technologies that gave us plastics such as PVC. These are some of the fundamental reasons why CHAIRMATE Floor protectors are produced from virgin polypropylene (PP) making them extremely easy to recycle and environmentally friendly. Make sure you make the right decisions when selecting the chairmats you wish to purchase

JasonL Team

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