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6 Things NOT to do when Fitting Out your New Office

Fitting Out your new Office is one of the first and important steps to do after you acquire a new Office Space, you not only need to understand the Time frames around the products that go into an Office Fitouts but also need to plan and budget out the entire project with a Fitout Specialist. You may see a lot of articles and information around what you need to do when you're Fitting Out your new Office but we've managed to get the Top 6 things NOT to do when fitting out your new Office.

Not organising your fit-out far enough in advance

One of the biggest mistakes people make in organising fitouts is they don’t allow enough time for the fitout to occur. If you are ordering custom made furniture it often takes a few months to get the furniture made and delivered so you need to speak to your local supplier to figure out timeframes. Often deadlines are missed and openings are postponed because the office fitout isn’t organised far enough in advance to be done properly, causing significant financial losses.

Not sufficiently allowing for expansion

When designing a fitout, many people often aim to maximise the workspace and forget about leaving room for future expansion. It is important to allow this extra space as moving the furniture around later on can be a lot more costly. Placing data cables and power boards in areas where there may be future staff can also save you a lot of money later on.

Not enough planning

Not doing enough planning before the fitout can lead to regrets and problems after the fitout has been carried out. Sketches and plans should be considered and reconsidered beforehand to ensure the fitout will work for the office space. Changes to a fitout are expensive once the fitout has already happened so it best to find potential issues before the fitout even begins.

Not allocating enough budget for the fit-out

An office fitout requires a large amount of money, more than many businesses realise. While there are always ways to be more cost-effective, if you skip corners and try to save too much money the fitout can go quite badly. If you allocate enough budget towards the office fitout, it will bring a modern look to you workplace which helps to attract new customers and give you an edge over your competitors.

Not considering telecommunications

Many people organise a beautiful fitout but forget to consider telecommunications until it’s too late. Companies such as Telstra and Optus can take up to 6 weeks to properly install all the necessary cables and devices for your office to function. You may also need to include a communications room which can become more costly if not planned in advance. Cable management must also be installed for aesthetics and safety in the work environment.

Not updating the fitout

Fitouts are an expensive exercise so many businesses carry out a new fitout once and then it becomes outdated. It is important to renew certain pieces of furniture every so often for ergonomic and aesthetic reasons. If you want to be at the top of your industry, you need to keep your office space looking modern and welcoming. Speak to a Fitout Specialist and have us manage the entire process start to finish so you don't have to worry.

JasonL Team

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