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    Monitor Arm - LCD/LED Office Desk Mount Kit

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    • Adustable Laptop Tray

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    • Double USB Hub

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    Product detail


    The Go Monitor Arms have a simple, fun and practical design for any workplace or home office.

    The Desk Mount Arm conceals cables, has spring-free adjustment and is available in a variety of vibrant colours.

    Add an optional USB hub or laptop tray to your monitor arm for added convenience.

    Weight Range 2 kg - 9.0 kg
    USB Port Optional 4 port 2.0 USB HUB
    Concealed cabling Concealed cables

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    3yr warranty
    This Product is guaranteed for a period of three years against faulty workmanship and/or raw materials for normal office use - i.e. 8 working hours per day. For more info please call 1300 527 665 or email customerservice@jasonl.com.au


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    Monitor Arm - LCD/LED Office Desk Mount Kit