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    JasonL Rental Finance with FlexiCommercial

    What is JasonL Finance with FlexiCommercial?

    JasonL is proud to offer our customers the choice of flexible payment options through our Rental Finance program. 

    Instead of paying for furniture outright, you can choose to rent office furniture and spread fixed monthly payments over 24, 36, 48 and 60 months terms to suit your budget. 

    How much deposit do I need to get started?
    A rental agreement does not require a deposit payment from the customer, so subject to your rental agreement being approved, you can start rental based on the agreed payments

    Under a Rental Agreement, does the rental payment change with changes in interest rates?
    A rental agreement is a fixed payment obligation, therefore once you are approved and your rental agreement begins, the rental payments will be fixed throughout the term

    What interest rate am I paying under the Rental Agreement?
    Under a rental agreement, because you rent the use of the furniture for the term of the agreement there is no interest rate as you would find with a loan or credit card. This means that the rental payments can be a tax deductible operating expense for your business or business use purposes

    During the rental agreement, what happens if I want to add additional furniture or want to refresh my entire furniture suite?
    Provided you are making your rental payments and your financial circumstances continue in good standing, a Rental Agreement enables you to add additional items of furniture to your existing Rental Agreement at any point throughout the agreement.

    If you are looking to replace your entire furniture solution, then contact JasonL and we can put together a compelling furniture package that considers what your rental payments are today

    What are the advantages of taking out a Rental Agreement for furniture if I can spend the cash to own it today?
    Rental finance enables you to preserve your valuable cash so you can invest it in other parts of your business. If you normally buy your assets through bank funding, then renting enables you to preserve your undrawn bank lines for any emergencies or opportunities when you need cash fast. 


    1. Get access to finance 
    FlexiCommercial provides convenient access to secure financing arrangements with minimal paperwork. We remove the need to deal with multiple banks or brokers and offer finance for all your business furniture needs. 

    2. Conserve cash flow 
    Keep your cash flowing and maintain liquidity by renting furniture instead of paying cash. Preserve your business line of credit with your bank for other essential business expenses such as inventory, payroll and R&D to grow your business, or keep your credit cards free for your next holiday or rainy day. With no setup fees or ongoing charges you can budget for the fixed monthly costs of your rental agreement and enjoy peace of mind. 

    3. Tax Deductible
    If you are using your furniture for business use, renting is a deductible operating expense for tax purposes making the actual cost of renting furniture less than the actual payments*. Also as an operating expense, this means you have no depreciation to account for or track. 

    4. End of Term options
    Renting furniture over its productive life lets you upgrade at the end of term to new furniture to keep your office space ahead of the latest trends. It also helps avoid obsolescence and add the fresh ambience you and your staff need to your current workspace. At the end of your agreement you can choose to upgrade to new furniture, extend your rental, make us an offer to purchase or simply return the furniture - this is all spelled out in your rental agreement and there are no hidden clauses.

    5. Total solution 
    Renting allows you to package all your furniture and delivery into one rental agreement. As your needs evolve, you can add on equipment at any stage during your rental term and include all additions in one monthly payment. 

    * Tax deductions may apply. FlexiCommercial or JasonL does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details.


    How much will it cost me?

    JasonL rental payments are made monthly. The amount of this payment is determined by the invoice amount of the furniture and the term chosen. To determine how much it will cost you to rent your furniture Get a Quote now or Call 1300 527 335



    How to apply?

    What do I do and how do I know whether I will qualify for finance?

    1. SHOP for your office furniture online

    2. SELECT rental finance as your payment option in your cart summary

    3. CALCULATE what the estimated rental payments will be for the furniture collection of your choice

    4. FOLLOW our simple prequalification steps to see if you are likely to qualify 

    5. SUBMIT your details and a friendly representative will help you complete the application over the phone.


    Prequalify now!

    If I'm using the furniture for business use, what will you need to know before I apply?

    • Are you applying for or on behalf of a registered business with a registered ABN?
    • If you don't have an ABN, then are you using it predominantly for business use?
    • Has the business been trading for more than 1 year?
    • Do the business and its directors / owners have a clear credit history

    If I'm using the furniture for personal use, what will you need to know before I apply?

    • Aged 18 or over
    • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
    • Earn more than $20,000 per annum
    • Good credit history - credit check will be performed