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    Ergonomic 2 Person Workstation Bench - Black Leg - San Fran

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    • 2x - 1200L x 800W - White

    • 2x - 1600L x 800W - White

    • 2x - 1800L x 800W - White

    • 2x - 1200L x 800W - Maple

    • 2x - 1600L x 800W - Maple

    • 2x - 1800L x 800W - Maple

    • 2x - 1200L x 800W - Wenge

    • 2x - 1600L x 800W - Wenge

    • 2x - 1800L x 800W - Wenge

    • Assembly


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    Product detail


    If you dont like the 2 Person Run style workstation I am the perfect alternative! I am an elegant 2 person San Fran Workstation Bench that comes with a stylish angled leg profile and fabulous screen design giving each person a bit of privacy when needed. The screen is customisable to your liking and still allows you to communicate with your colleague across the workstation. I provide everything you need to get your work done and come with a 10 year guarantee!

    Please note that we have included the assembly fee for this product due to the complexity of its assembly.

    Top Features: 2 Person Workstation Bench - San Fran

    Design Savy work bench for 2 people.
    Angled Leg Profile with 3 different colour choices and top sizes.
    Ergonomic think station with the choice of various screens; glass/ fabric/ laminate.
    Option to add a mobile pedestal underneath workstation desks due to height adjustable feature for those wanting extra storage.
    10 year warranty.

    Available total length (mm) 1200/1600/1800
    Available total widths (mm) 1625/1625/1625
    Desktop finish Laminate
    Assembly required Yes
    Flat packed Yes

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    10yr warranty
    This Product is guaranteed for a period of ten years against faulty workmanship and/or raw materials for normal office use - i.e. 8 working hours per day. For more info please call 1300 527 665 or email customerservice@jasonl.com.au


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    Ergonomic 2 Person Workstation Bench - Black Leg - San Fran